Impact of Education in the Society

We all know Education is that necessity for us which encircles our lives. It actually helps us in understanding the world we live in. All of our actions which we perform in our day to day life are the measure of how educated we are. Things that we do every day are what we have learned through our experiences or our observations. Those people who think that education is a necessity, the use it to reach certain goals and targets which they want to achieve as it is the mightiest weapon that one could possess. The need for education is imperative and cleave. This is why we can never separate knowledge and society apart. As the foundation to our society is our education.



  • Education as a baseline to our society

Education is that entity of our society which gives us the confidence to react on an impromptu situation which we get into on various occasions of our day to day life. No matter how complicated the situation is, we find a way out this is what education has done to us as we know how to tackle difficult conditions and not do something stupid so that situations go worse. It gives us the power of understanding and reasoning which helps us to handle situations and make way out of it peacefully and sensibly. It is the base to all foundations that we build in our lives. It paves our way towards self-stability and self-dependence. It helps us understand ourselves and realize our potential and qualities so that we can make use of our strength. It even gives us financial stability as only a educated person is able to do him job with responsibility and with complete knowledge on a given aspect it gives you a way to earn so you can make a living out of it. You feel empowered as there is a sense of worth which develops within you. It is a pride that one obtains when you can be independent and make a living for yourself without any outside help. It further helps you to plan ahead so that you can prosper in life and do something for the people around you.

  • When the society recognizes you

When you do something for people you get to enjoy the fruit of respect and recognition from the people around you. It is a sense of pride one gets once he achieves certain things that most people aspire of. And nothing of this comes to you easy and that is why education is so important in our life. It gives us a lot to acquire and possess and takes away nothing from us. When you see people coming to you for advice or walking the same footsteps you get to notice your accomplishments and this sense of satisfaction cannot be taken away from you. So this is where education plays the role for people in their life. Each and every one of us needs to taste a bit if this satisfaction of proving their mettle around so that you can be remembered by your deeds for the betterment of mankind.

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Types of Education

Education is the process of gaining knowledge about anything and everything. Education takes place under the guidance of educators .It is basically the acquisition of knowledge skills, values, beliefs and habits.


The process of learning is often facilitated as an education but learners can also educate themselves. Education can take place in a formal or an informal way and any experience gained through this process which has an effect on the way a person thinks, feels or act can be considered as education.

Education in modern day has been divided into formal stages of preschool, primary school, secondary school, college, university and apprenticeship. The right to education has been recognized by governments at globally.

The different types of education is described below :


  • Formal Education

It is a hierarchically structured, chronologically graded ‘education system’, running from primary school to the                university level and henceforth. In addition to general academic studies, a variety of specialized programmes and institutions for full-time technical and professional training.


  • Informal Education

It is a lifelong process where every individual acquires attitudes, values, skills and knowledge from our daily experience and the educative influences and resources in his or her environment from family , friends and neighbors, from work and play, from the market place, the library and the mass media.

What is the Need of Education?

The importance of education is relatable to our day to day life. Being educated results in having a balanced life once you gain self-dependence thereby having a reputation in the society. One has to work for self-sufficiency and dependency and education helps you gain job opportunities to be financially sound. To have a healthy surrounding you need to be educated even as you need to be aware about the consequences of leading an unhealthy lifestyle.


If you are aware of the medical advancement you can restrict yourself as well as people around you to the diseases which could be fatal. If a person is educated he would understand his health and live a better and a longer life. A person would listen to all, and do what to do with his consent and understanding. Not only on health issue but the other problems that arise in our day to day life. Education provides us with knowledge to every aspect that we preach for and makes it easier for us to choose what is to be done.


If someone is educated then it would be a tough task to fool someone as he world ask for the reason on every aspect as he will never believe anything without a reason. Then comes superstitions which are still one of the problems of our society, if you are educated you would never believe on those illogical prodigies that has been preached in the name of culture and religions over the years and waste your time on them. The role that education plays on one’s life can never be undermined as it is the base for human beings to live a proper and a sensible life. 

Actual Interpretation of Education which is still debatable.

So clearing the air, knowing your alphabets or numbers doesn’t educate you it just makes you literate to a certain extent because literacy means knowing how to read and write whereas education is to be able to reason, to use your ability to read and write to your benefit. Education is to gain knowledge by surging deeper into the literate knowledge imparted to you.


So to be honest the world doesn’t want you to be literate but it wants you to be educated as we don’t want to be robots who know how to read and write and make nothing out of it.


Civil Service Exam

Today I am going to answer a big question that how to prepare for a Civil Service Exam and other Government Exams.

It’s high time for people who are interested in government exams. In earlier times it didn’t used to be this competitive to take a government exam. Nowadays around 10 people are fighting for one seat as the vacancies are very less and people applying for the position are a lot. Despite having a good position in private sector people are opting to go for government jobs. Government jobs offer them job security and a lot of commodities.


The competition to get a government job is getting tougher and tougher as days go by. You need a strategy to study for government exams. A well planned strategy should be prepared to crack government exams. The exam itself is not that difficult, you just need to focus on plan and be determined. We are here to help you crack a government exam and give you a few tips and tricks.


Understanding the Syllabus and Topics to focus

Syllabus is the key to crack the exam be it any exam. Thorough understanding of the syllabus is very important. You just got to pick the right topics on which you should focus on. Don’t try to take all the topics at once. You should choose the topics that are most important and have been asked in previous exam papers. Analyze previous year papers and try to pick out the topics that are recurring and focus on them and prepare them thoroughly. It helps to evaluate the kind and type of questions that can be asked in the examination.


Designing ‘The Strategy’

As I discussed earlier, designing a preparation strategy is the most important part for any candidate trying to crack Government exams. There are various things to analyze while designing a preparation strategy for government exams. A few obvious things to consider are that topic based study is important. Focus on a topic at a time and try all sorts of questions relating to that topic. Dedicate your time on your weak points. The preparation strategy should include other activities like reading newspapers, watching news. You should also motivate yourself.


Go for Quality not Quantity 

Government exams need to be tackled with a strategy. To crack the exam you need to pick topics which are most important and dedicate your time in a planned manner. You should be able to crack the questions relating on those topics in minimal time and with accuracy. You should excel on all the types of questions asked for that topic. Go for accuracy. Try to solve all questions in dedicated time.


Study Material

Once you have designed a preparation strategy for your exam, it is very important to collect the right preparation material for it. These days many books and preparation stuff is available for cracking government exams. Don’t get confused about picking the right study material. Choose the books which cover all the topics and have a variety of questions on a topics. Go with something which explains the theory in a simpler way and offer solution in a faster and easier way. One more thing required in your study material is previous years question papers as they provide an insight as how the paper is going to be. Try to take up those question papers and try to solve them in dedicated time to see how well you can manage your time



Preparing notes is very important. They help a lot at the time of revision. When the exams are closer you can just refer and go through the notes for revision. You’ll not have to spend a lot time on studying the same thing again.


Mock Tests & Prevision Year Papers

Take mock tests to test your preparation. Mock tests will help you evaluate your preparation for the exam. Taking mock tests will help you analyze your weak points. That way you’ll know which areas you should focus on.


All the best.!!

MDU Datesheet 2016

Tension is arising in MDU (Maharishi dayanand University), Rohtak as every student is waiting for the MDU Result of 2015-2016 examinations to be disclosed.

As per the university rule, the datesheet of next semester examinations is always declared once the result of the previous semester is disclosed. So, once the result of MDU Result of  2015 Examination is declared then only students could hope for the MDU 2016 datesheet to be disclosed.

The MDU Result of 2015 examination and datesheet of MDU 2016 examination of some courses like B.A, BSc, M.A etc. have already been disclosed. But some MDU Result of  2015-2016 exam and MDU datesheet of  2016 exam are yet to be disclosed and especially of the Btech course as mdu has a history of revealing the result and datesheet of Btech course in the end.

The Btech students of mdu are eagerly waiting for the result of mdu 2015 exam and datesheet of mdu 2016 as the 7th semester students who unfortunately get a backlog in the December examination can give their Reappear exam in the next semester that would be the 8th semester exam. But this year the 2015 mdu result is yet to be disclosed and the students still don’t know whether they will clear all their exams or they might have to reappear in the next semester.


Some Facts about Maharishi dayanand University

MDU offers a good number of technical courses such as computer science engineering, civil, mechanical, biotechnology and electronics in the UG (under-graduate) scheme.

Subjects like mechanical engineering, biotechnology, civil, computer science etc.   offered in the PG (post-graduate) scheme.

Semester wise examinations are held in MDU University like the winter semester which is basically 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th semester and summer semester which is 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th semester.

MDU Website

Students can visit the official website of MDU.

Type as the url in your computer or mobile browser or you can visit the website of MDU by clicking this link .

The MDU website gives you many options such as notice, placement cell, students section, MDU datesheet, MDU Result etc.

As soon as something new is declared in the university, it is been uploaded on the website too.

How to check the Date-sheet

  1. GO to
  2. Second thing you should be doing is to search for the Examination menu on the website.
  3. Once you place the on examination menu you will see another menu and you should click on the date-sheet option.
  4. Now, you can see the Datesheet of your Course.
  5. Take Print out for future Reference.

Best of luck Guys, Study hard.


MDU Result May-June 2015-16 (B.Tech) at

The Maharishi Dayanand University(MDU), Rohtak releases out a Notification for Examination Result of BE/B.Tech, which was conducted in 2015-16 for students of 2nd semester, 4th semester, 6th semester and 8th semester. MDU release out various exam result for 2016 at an official website of MDU i.e. So, MDU result 2016 for will be out in this month itself.


All the Students who have appeared in the MDU,Rohtak BE/B.Tech exam 2016, they are waiting for their Result and here we are giving the expected date when the result is going to be announced for MDU BE/B.Tech Examination Result for the students of 2nd sem, 4th sem, 6th sem and 8th sem in the year 2016. They are now very curious to check their B.Tech regular exam Result 2016 from the official website of MDU mentioned above.

MDU Rohtak B.Tech Result 2016 for students of 2nd sem, 4th sem, 6th sem, 8th sem

The Expected date for MDU result is 24th May 2016 for B. Tech Course.


Here we tried to be very specific about the procedure, the exact procedure to download MDU BE/B.Tech Result 2016 online at an official website of MDU i.e.

All the students please first read the complete article and then take necessary action. Please share this article on Facebook and twitter handle so that your friends can also know the exact dates. Also subscribe here to get all MDU Rohtak University related updates directly on your phone and E-Mail ID.

Kindly go here to subscribe for latest notification.


You can follow this procedure to download MDU BE/B.Tech Result 2016 online:


1) Go to an Official website i.e.

2) Go to an option of Exam Result on this home page.

3) Then, click on it and get an option to download Result.

4) Fill your roll number or registration number. Submit it.

5) Download your Exam Result.

6) Then, save it and take a print out for future concern.



B. Architecture – Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak (MDU) Result 2016

Maharshi Dayanand University (MDU) is one of the leading universities of the country, The university offers many courses like B.Tech,B.Arch ,B.Com, BA, BSC, BCA, MCA, B.Ed and conducts the exams in every six months. Now this is the high time for the MDU to declare  the B.Arch results for the previously held odd semester examination . Students are anxiously waiting for the result of the same. All the concerned Student should get remain in touch for their Result. As the month of April has ended, so now the most curious and breathless time has now come for all the B Arch students of Maharishi Dayanand University (MDU), Rohtak because MDU always declared the B Arch result in the month of June. It is expected that MDU B Arch result 2016 will be declared soon. B Arch, being one of the major courses and having thousands of students enrolling each year for the same, the hype of B Arch result is at its Height now.


The odd semester exams of B Arch in Maharishi Dayanand University were scheduled in the month of December-January. It is also mandatory for the students of final semester to take industrial training from any company or industry and submit the training report in their respective colleges. After odd semester examinations, students are now desperately waiting for the results and it is expected that all semesters including 1st sem, 2nd sem, 3rd sem, 4th sem, 5th sem, 6th sem and 7th sem of B Arch MDU result 2016 will be declared in the mid of June.

You can check your result by your roll number as well as by your name. This is the best format of giving result. Students who got a supply in their examinations can also check their results by entering MDU Reappear result 2016 on the internet or you can easily check on the official site of MDU.

Follow these Easy steps to check your result.

1. Go to .

2. There are list of Courses whose result has been declared.

3. Enter your “Registration No:” and “Roll No:” and Click on Proceed Now.

4. It will ask for your Name, Phone Number and Email ID. Enter the details and get you Result.


We wish you all the best for your much awaited results.

All the best guys !!!

MDU Datesheet 2016 for 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Semester

Wonderful set of emotions and calmness of satisfaction is seen on the face of students once examinations are completed. But today we have posted this article to talk about the schedule of Maharshi Dayanand University Rohtak, when will the exam starts and when will exams end.

The Maharshi Dayanand University (MDU) has declared the datesheet for 2016 those who are involved in the UG and PG courses in university, MDU is country’s finest University offering higher level education in the field of Engineering, Arts, Commerce, Science and other modern era subjects such as MBA, MCA and PGDCM. University runs large number of courses for Undergraduate(UG), Post Graduate(PG), Doctorate , Distance learning , correspondence education etc.


The clear date for the release of the every course date sheet is not yet known but it will be made clear in short time usually within the short duration . We try to bring you the latest updates regarding the date sheet.


Practical’s  will be held first and then it will be followed by the theory exams, The notifications regarding the same is available at the official website of the MDU university. Even the MDU datesheet 2016, once after it will be made public will be available at the official web portal of the university to be downloaded and check by the students. The students can check the MDU datesheet at the university or at the website, as per their convenience and can follow the steps below. Other details regarding the completed exams will also be present at the official website.


Follow these Easy steps to check your result

  1. Go to
  2. There are list of Courses whose date sheet has been scheduled.
  3. Search your respective course and view the date sheet

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 7.39.15 PM

We wish you guys all the best, Gear up for the exams start preparing as if you start preparing early you can score more.

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How to Prepare For MDU Exams?

Who doesn’t want to get good marks, eh? Scoring good marks in MDU is depends on how much you know about the topic and how you represent your knowledge on that topic. Some believe that you just have to make a lot of diagrams on the topic and write a few lines and that’s it. Let me tell you, my friend, that’s not it.


To score good marks in MDU you need you follow some simple rules and I promise you will not cry on MDU Result date.

  1. First thing you gotta focus on is the presentation of your answer. Few people just grab a keyword in the question and go on about elaborating that keyword which ends up in a solution to a whole different question. Understand the question and answer it like you know what the examiner must be thinking while framing the question.
  2. Answer the question with the precise sentences and present it in a way that the checker doesn’t have to go through a story about the topic.
  1. Choose your Books wisely my friend. Yes, If you want a knowledge of a subject or You are a topper then go for some English authors otherwise Just drop that books and think for a country, haha I mean go for a Indian authors like Katson( A Bible of MDU EXAMS).
    978-93-5014-544-9 978-93-80027-65-4
    You can take this books from here :
  1. OK! This point is for Students who love Last minute Studies. Guys I have something for you. Guess what?Last four years Exam papers.16-lastminutetips
    The Best from them is RG(Sample Paper). Go through it and I can give you guarantee that you all will pass.
  1. As we have some mix audience here, So I want to give some tips for toppers or Who want to make their percentage 75%.
  • Use accurate points.
  • Frame meaningful sentences.
  • Underline important statements.
  • Use related diagrams to answer the question.
  • Label and caption the diagram.


NOTE:- Guys, there are 36 sheets in Answer Booklet. Fill it, as it is the most important part. Write your 20 marks question in 6-7 pages, 10 marks question in 4 pages and 2 marks question in half page.

The key to writing an answer that’ll score you good marks is a presentation. Present the answer in a way that when the checker looks at your sheet he doesn’t have to follow every line. And guys don’t forget about the time limit. Manage your time in a way that you are able to answer every question precisely. Spend about 30 mins on every question 20 marks question. Answer the 2 markers with not more than 5-6 lines which gives the solution in a brief manner.

I hope you understood how you can score 70-80 marks easily by following these tips.

Good luck! Cheers. !

MDU Final Degree Percentage Calculation Procedure

Maharshi Dayanand University (MDU ) known as Rohtak University, Rohtak, came into existence by the Act No. 25 of 1975 in the Haryana Legislative Assembly in the year 1976 with the motive and further to promote inter disciplinary college education and do research in the field of environmental science ,ecological and life science. It was renamed as Maharshi Dayanand University  (MDU) back in 1977 after the name of great visionary and great social reformer “Maharshi Dayanand Ji”. University has an basic and residential character in its earlier stage, but became an affiliating University in the month of November in 1978. The University gathered the recognition of University Grants Commission, the higher education regulatory body of India – for central Govt. grants in the month of Feb. 1983.




Maharshi Dayanand University has tremendously developed from 1975 almost changed every aspect in calculating a final percentage of the degree talking about any UG, PG courses, removed the 8th Semester exams from UG students (instead they have to do industrial training) or even small things like answer sheets details entering format.


Calculating a final percentage is still difficult and confusing for every student part of MDU who is fresher or even for most of the students who are in final year. So to avoid this confusion our team thought of bringing this article to help every student who is part of MDU.


Firstly degree percentage is calculated as shown in the picture.




As you can see there is percentage wise division of marks for corresponding years to calculate degree.

1st year:  40% of total marks

2nd year:   50% of total marks

3rd year:   80% of total marks

4th year: 100% of total marks


Now the final degree calculation procedure is changed there is no percentage wise divisions, the approach followed is very simple as shown in the image.




As you can see there is no percentage wise division, Every semester holds equal weight-age and marks obtained in individual semesters will have impact on your final degree percentage calculation.


We wish you all secure good percentage when calculating final degree percentage.
All the best study hard!!

Anna University results May/June 2016 exam 2nd 4th 6th 8th semester

Anna University is a technical university in Tamil Nadu, India. The university premises is located in Guindy, Chennai. The university offers different courses in engineering and technology through its affiliated colleges and takes dual semester system into the account. Every year the university conducts examinations for even semesters in the month of May–June and for odd semesters in the month of November–December.


Now this is the right time for the Anna University to declare the results for the previously held even semester examination. Students are anxiously waiting for the results of the same. All the concerned Student should get remain in touch for their Results. As the month of April has ended, so now the most curious and breathless time has now come for all the students to know their results.

Anna University results 2016 for the exam April/May/June 2016 was conducted in the month of the May/June 2016 and April 2016 for 8th semester alone.

Final year exam has been completed in April month itself and results will be published in the month of May itself. Now the Anna university results May/June 2016 is to be published for affiliated colleges. All the latest updates about Anna university exam results 2016 for UG and PG is provided here.

Anna university 8th semester results 2016 tentative date: May fourth week.

Anna university 2nd, 4th, 6th semester results 2016 tentative date: First week of August

Our job is to collect information from various trusted sources regarding the date when the Anna university May/June 2016 results and to publish it before anyone else. The date of results depends on factors such as completion of paper correction, after that updating marks in the database, finally preparing servers for publishing the results, etc. Anna University will publish the exam results by the end of May 2016.

Exact date of results declaration is to be updated shortly. So, please wait till we get trusted and reliable updates. Paper valuation status and grace marks details are also provided.

Anna University exam answer sheet correction is being done at various centres. Correction is still going on till now and expected to be complete by end of this month that is May 2016. Paper evaluation had started after completion of one exam and before all the exams were completed.

 Anna University Grace marks for May/June 2016 exam

Sometimes unwillingly, wrong questions or questions out of syllabus/portion are asked in the exams. In that cases, full marks are provided if you have attempted those questions. In some exceptional cases, if the paper is very difficult, grace marks are provided for few questions.

You can check your result by your registration number and date of birth. This is the best format of getting the result. Students who got a reappear or revaluation in their examinations can also check their results by entering Anna University Reappear result 2016 on the Internet or you can easily check on the official site of Anna University.

Follow these Easy steps to check your result

  1. Go to Exam Result


          Student Corner

  1. There are list of Courses whose result has been declared.
  2. Enter your “Registration No:” and “Date of Birth” and Click on Submit