How to Prepare For MDU Exams?

Who doesn’t want to get good marks, eh? Scoring good marks in MDU is depends on how much you know about the topic and how you represent your knowledge on that topic. Some believe that you just have to make a lot of diagrams on the topic and write a few lines and that’s it. Let me tell you, my friend, that’s not it.


To score good marks in MDU you need you follow some simple rules and I promise you will not cry on MDU Result date.

  1. First thing you gotta focus on is the presentation of your answer. Few people just grab a keyword in the question and go on about elaborating that keyword which ends up in a solution to a whole different question. Understand the question and answer it like you know what the examiner must be thinking while framing the question.
  2. Answer the question with the precise sentences and present it in a way that the checker doesn’t have to go through a story about the topic.
  1. Choose your Books wisely my friend. Yes, If you want a knowledge of a subject or You are a topper then go for some English authors otherwise Just drop that books and think for a country, haha I mean go for a Indian authors like Katson( A Bible of MDU EXAMS).
    978-93-5014-544-9 978-93-80027-65-4
    You can take this books from here :
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    The Best from them is RG(Sample Paper). Go through it and I can give you guarantee that you all will pass.
  1. As we have some mix audience here, So I want to give some tips for toppers or Who want to make their percentage 75%.
  • Use accurate points.
  • Frame meaningful sentences.
  • Underline important statements.
  • Use related diagrams to answer the question.
  • Label and caption the diagram.


NOTE:- Guys, there are 36 sheets in Answer Booklet. Fill it, as it is the most important part. Write your 20 marks question in 6-7 pages, 10 marks question in 4 pages and 2 marks question in half page.

The key to writing an answer that’ll score you good marks is a presentation. Present the answer in a way that when the checker looks at your sheet he doesn’t have to follow every line. And guys don’t forget about the time limit. Manage your time in a way that you are able to answer every question precisely. Spend about 30 mins on every question 20 marks question. Answer the 2 markers with not more than 5-6 lines which gives the solution in a brief manner.

I hope you understood how you can score 70-80 marks easily by following these tips.

Good luck! Cheers. !

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