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Today I am going to answer a big question that how to prepare for a Civil Service Exam and other Government Exams.

It’s high time for people who are interested in government exams. In earlier times it didn’t used to be this competitive to take a government exam. Nowadays around 10 people are fighting for one seat as the vacancies are very less and people applying for the position are a lot. Despite having a good position in private sector people are opting to go for government jobs. Government jobs offer them job security and a lot of commodities.


The competition to get a government job is getting tougher and tougher as days go by. You need a strategy to study for government exams. A well planned strategy should be prepared to crack government exams. The exam itself is not that difficult, you just need to focus on plan and be determined. We are here to help you crack a government exam and give you a few tips and tricks.


Understanding the Syllabus and Topics to focus

Syllabus is the key to crack the exam be it any exam. Thorough understanding of the syllabus is very important. You just got to pick the right topics on which you should focus on. Don’t try to take all the topics at once. You should choose the topics that are most important and have been asked in previous exam papers. Analyze previous year papers and try to pick out the topics that are recurring and focus on them and prepare them thoroughly. It helps to evaluate the kind and type of questions that can be asked in the examination.


Designing ‘The Strategy’

As I discussed earlier, designing a preparation strategy is the most important part for any candidate trying to crack Government exams. There are various things to analyze while designing a preparation strategy for government exams. A few obvious things to consider are that topic based study is important. Focus on a topic at a time and try all sorts of questions relating to that topic. Dedicate your time on your weak points. The preparation strategy should include other activities like reading newspapers, watching news. You should also motivate yourself.


Go for Quality not Quantity 

Government exams need to be tackled with a strategy. To crack the exam you need to pick topics which are most important and dedicate your time in a planned manner. You should be able to crack the questions relating on those topics in minimal time and with accuracy. You should excel on all the types of questions asked for that topic. Go for accuracy. Try to solve all questions in dedicated time.


Study Material

Once you have designed a preparation strategy for your exam, it is very important to collect the right preparation material for it. These days many books and preparation stuff is available for cracking government exams. Don’t get confused about picking the right study material. Choose the books which cover all the topics and have a variety of questions on a topics. Go with something which explains the theory in a simpler way and offer solution in a faster and easier way. One more thing required in your study material is previous years question papers as they provide an insight as how the paper is going to be. Try to take up those question papers and try to solve them in dedicated time to see how well you can manage your time



Preparing notes is very important. They help a lot at the time of revision. When the exams are closer you can just refer and go through the notes for revision. You’ll not have to spend a lot time on studying the same thing again.


Mock Tests & Prevision Year Papers

Take mock tests to test your preparation. Mock tests will help you evaluate your preparation for the exam. Taking mock tests will help you analyze your weak points. That way you’ll know which areas you should focus on.


All the best.!!

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